Malco® Products, Inc. 2023 Philanthropic Impact, It Feels Good to Do Good.

Malco® Products, Inc.  2023 Philanthropic Impact, It Feels Good to Do Good.


Malco® Products, Inc. Demonstrates Commitment to Social Responsibility
It Feels Good to Do Good.
Reflecting on a Year of Impact: Education, Healthcare, and Environmental Initiatives Shape Malco's Legacy of Giving


Barberton, OH — Malco® Products, Inc., a prominent specialty chemical manufacturer committed to excellence and innovation, is pleased to share a recap of its philanthropic initiatives and community impact throughout 2023.


Malco's founder Murray Glauberman dedicated his life to his legacy and his community. He instilled a strong ethic of community engagement and service at Malco that continues to be valued today. Demonstrating a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility, Malco has actively pursued initiatives to make a positive difference in the communities it serves. Through strategic partnerships, engaging employee programs, and direct contributions, Malco contributes to more than 30 organizations on a local and global scale.


Key Highlights from Malco's 2023 Philanthropic Journey:


Education Empowerment: Malco continued its unwavering support for local education by providing resources to the Barberton City Schools, Akron Public Schools, and various other educational programs. This encompassed scholarships, contributions to STEM initiatives, volunteering in classrooms, product donations, and donations of essential learning materials.


Community Health Initiatives: Malco proactively supported healthcare programs in the communities where its employees reside. This included partnerships with organizations like Stewart’s Caring Place, American Red Cross, Project Outrun, and employee volunteerism focused on enhancing community health outcomes.


Environmental Stewardship: Reflecting its commitment to environmental sustainability, Malco invested in various eco-friendly practices and initiatives. The company actively participated in local clean-up events, promoted energy-efficient practices, and supported organizations dedicated to environmental conservation, by participating in Manufacture 2030, Keep Akron Beautiful, Ocean Conservancy and more.


Employee Volunteering: Malco's employees played a crucial role in the success of its philanthropic initiatives. Through various volunteer programs, such as reading to classrooms or building walls for Habitat for Humanity, employees dedicated their time and skills to make a positive impact in their communities, embodying Malco's commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.


"At Malco, we are driven by a commitment to give back to the communities that inspire us. We understand that it feels good to do good and we encourage and support opportunities for our employees to help our community daily. Our philanthropic efforts in 2023 reflect our dedication to creating a positive impact on the lives of those around us,” said Lauren Osina, one of Malco’s owners. “It is our goal to continue to foster an environment that supports all employees and their families to have the opportunity to give back,” added Osina.


About Malco® Products, Inc.

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