Our global experience manufacturing automotive products spans nearly a century, so it’s no surprise Pennsylvania Petroleum International (PPI®) offers one of the most comprehensive and expansive product lines in the industry today. We have built our reputation on fine tuning our products to meet the ever changing specifications of our customers. Our advanced manufacturing facility, located in Ohio, in the United States, allows us the flexibility to customize complete product lines directly to your unique requirements, producing virtually any formulation – liquid, powder, gel or cream. With world-class R&D, a state-of-the-art laboratory, and advanced methods of process control, PPI remains a driving force in international automotive products.

Oil Treatments & Additives

  • STOP® Oil Treatment
  • U.S. Petroleum® Premium Concentrated Petroleum Treatment
  • STOP® Fuel Injection Cleaner and Treatment
  • STOP® Fuel Injector Cleaner & Treatment
  • STOP® Octane Booster & Fuel Conditioner
  • STOP® Power Steering Fluid
  • STOP® Gas Treatement
  • STOP® Diesel Fuel Treatment

Coolant, Aerosol, & Specialty Products

  • STOP® Radiator Coolant
  • STOP® Radiator Anti-Rust and Water Pump Lubricant
  • STOP® Sun Protector
  • STOP® One Step Radiator Cleaner
  • STOP® Radiator Stop Leak

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